The Climb
Top Five Outstanding Artworks -
Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition 2019

The climb installation is a reflection of the constant struggle of the artist’s life; one who’s caught up in his dreams. Looking upward or downward, the mirrors give the viewer the illusion that the ladder is infinite. The climb is never-ending. The aim of the work is to shed light on the subject of self-actualization, where one can lose a sense of reality because of the constant pursuit of dreams. At times, despite the past, and in spite of the future, movement of the self can cease. It’s a state where you no longer know how far you’ve come or how much farther you have to go. A constant state of movement towards the unknown, the endless run, and the struggle to achieve leaves you lost, anxious, and mentally drained.

Installation; Stainless Steel

300 x 80 cm

© 2019 by Abdulla Buhijji