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Glass, Liquid

In collaboration with Shepherd Studio

Rocking Chair

As a design which integrates the profound qualities of nature at its core, ‘Floa’ intends to stand as a piece which symbolically echoes the lungs of our lands.

The rocking chair borrows its conceptual and aesthetic language from the Arabian Mangrove, and its adaptive qualities to exist in transitional zones. 

The design reflects the functional quality of a mangrove’s flora, as well as its fragile yet strong anatomical structure. It displays the Arabian Mangrove's unique ability to exist above and below water. This quality is best demonstrated through the chair’s play on tension, stability, and balance between water and air- which are the forces that keep it stable. 

'(OLM) On the Light of the Moon'

Stainless Steel, Plating, LED, Motor, Mirror

Illuminating Object

⁣⁣"On the Light of the Moon" is an ethereal illuminating bed side companion inspired by the movement of celestial bodies.


It pays homage to the scholar Ibn Al-Haytham's extensive body of work in the field of optics and light studies. Ibn Al-Haytham studied the travel and reflections of light in astronomy. His light studies on the Moon, documented in his work "A Discourse on the Light of the Moon", inspired our design which emulates the start and end of the moon cycle. ⁣

The lighting fixture comprises of a rotating mirror that depicts the reflection of light as a Crescent Moon at a certain degree of the rotation, portraying the start and the end of the moon cycle.

"On the Light of the Moon" symbolizes self reflection, setting new intentions and manifesting change. It represents the ever changing, ever evolving stages of life, the sighting of the Crescent Moon through the mirror rotation represents the glimpses of hope during turmoil, the excitement that comes with new beginnings, and the moments of clarity during the unfamiliar.

'made in wasteland'


Found Objects, Paint, Cushions, Stripes

In collaboration with Shepherd Studio
Saudi Design Week

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

’The Climb’ installation is a reflection of the constant struggle of the artist’s life; one who’s caught up in his dreams. Looking upward or downward, the mirrors give the viewer the illusion that the ladder is infinite. The climb is never-ending. 

The aim of the work is to shed light on the subject of self-actualization, where one can lose sense of reality because of the constant pursuit of dreams. At times, despite the past, and in spite of the future, movement of the self can cease. It’s a state where you no longer know how far you’ve come or how much farther you have to go. A constant state of movement towards the unknown, the endless run, and the struggle to achieve leaves you lost, anxious, and mentally drained.

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