2nd Place Prize -
Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition 2019
In collaboration with Shepherd Studio

‘Chair(s)’ installation intends to provoke thought, shedding light on the notion of self-actualization through a family of school chairs. The series of chairs echo nostalgic gestures, triggering sentimental moments such as balancing a chair on its two feet: a moment where one feels ungrounded, free, and can be seen as a signal to explore one's own character.


Through this lens, the aim is to reimagine the connotation of a school chair which has often been associated with the act of ‘sit & listen’, to an object which can be used as motivation to display one's own individuality, and to inspire learning through playfulness.

Installation; School Chairs, Spray Paint

6 x 8 meters

© 2019 by Abdulla Buhijji