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'I water my flowers every morning'

stainless steel, metal coating
Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival 
Sharjah Art Museum, UAE

‘I water my flowers every morning’ offers a self-narrative commentary into the artist’s journey of growth, and presents the discourse within a spatial experience for others to reflect on. The artist examines the notion of growth as a cumulative process that is amplified by oneself and the environment, a process that is directionless and proceeds holistically. The installation reaffirms growth from a phenomenological point of view, a process that is organically comprised by one’s experiences, with enough freedom to dictate it. 


‘I water my flowers every morning’ is a series of handmade reflective steel sculptures that are contextually reformed by the colors present in the room. Each piece is manipulated by different degrees of folding which in turn enhances the way the piece reflects the environment. 


As a person approaches each piece, the reflections that appear on the pieces differ, the direct self reflection that one expects to see is no longer as straightforward as one would expect, one has to experiment, explore, and discover his or her reflection, whilst stumbling across different delightful shapes that appear. 


The pieces channel the artist’s innermost thoughts and challenge his constant need to achieve perfection. It is a personal experiment of pouring oneself into the process, in a constant flow between perfecting and reflecting, hand making each piece organically. The artist uses these pieces to unlearn his tendencies to constantly define and perfect each phase of life. The pieces therefore represent his willingness to surrender to the unknown and to just let things be perceived rather than defined.



Stainless Steel

In collaboration with Noor Alwan
Permanent Installation

Flag Island Sharjah, UAE

“The tree of the Union is bearing more fruit, its roots are extending, and its goodness is overflowing; and this tree shall so remain for all future generations.”

Inspired by the above quote from the Founding Father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the proposed installations depict the notions of “unity and growth”, both installations speak to each other, while one installation represents unity, the other installation shows flourishment and growth as a result of unity.

‘Unity’ emphasizes the concept of unity through layering interdependent units, where each unit’s stability depends on the other unit for strength. When one unit is taken away from the installation, the stability of the installation is compromised. The resulting form symbolises an abstract deconstructed flower.
‘Growth’ which speaks of growth is made up of an iteration of 7 of the same units that represent pages from the unity constitution. The form created represents an abstract flourishing flower with its petals opened up. Both installations utilize one unit to represent the power and endless opportunities when these units are formed together.

'Seven nights, two nights, and one night'


(Tara) Percussion Instrument, Acrylic

In collaboration with Noor Alwan

Mawall Art Exhibition
Bahrain International Airport

Kingdom of Bahrain

This art piece represents a song that speaks about the countdown to the bride's day to join her husband's house. The song is represented by the projection of thirty traditional Bahraini percussion instrument Tara with the moon cycle painted upon them. The art installation whimsically represents the song by combining the moon cycle, which is the traditional means of measuring time and days, superimposed on the celebratory Tara.